Let The Call Go To Voicemail

What’s the cost of letting the call go to voicemail? Of ignoring the PING or vibration of your phone? Of putting your device on ‘Do Not Disturb’? 

What would it be like to enjoy an entire conversation with your partner without turning your attention away? 

What’s the cost of never letting calls go to voicemail? Of grabbing your phone the moment it makes a sound? 

What’s the impact on you? On your relationship?

You don’t need to be reachable just because someone is trying to reach you.

There are exceptions, of course. You could be expecting a call; you could have a meeting scheduled; you could be waiting on important news, etc. 

But if the phone rings at 7:30 PM on a Thursday night while you’re having a few minutes of connection with your partner (absent an exception): let the call go to voicemail.


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Photo by Morgan Housel on Unsplash

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