Spend Your Way Out of Stupid Fights: A Lesson Delivered Through Limerick

There once was a girl named Nelly,
Who loved cakes, cookies, and jelly
Always cold, she did feel,
Her discomfort was real,
She preferred the weather in New Delhi.

Her husband was a young lad named Steve,
Nelly’s shivers, he did not believe,
He always felt hot,
So they fought a lot,
“Stop turning the heat up, or I’ll leave!”

It was always too hot or too cold,
Their fighting was gettin’ real old,
Steve so warm he could barf,
Nelly in mitts and a scarf,
Was the end, for this couple, foretold?

From their fighting, they needed a break,
To Costco they went to buy steak,
Space heaters, they saw,
Dropped was each jaw,
“We must buy these, for our relationship’s sake!”

Their quarrel, the heaters did douse,
And peace was restored to their house,
This is the crux,
For just sixty bucks,
Each was back in love with their spouse.

What’s the point of this temperature tale?
How to prevent a relationship-fail.
If money can mend,
And you make the spend,
To ‘happily ever after’, you and your partner will sail.

The End.


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