How eating a plate full of desserts can be a good decision

What makes a decision good or bad is how it helps us progress towards our goals. If we’re not clear about our goals, it’s easy to make a bunch of bad decisions. Eating a plate full of cakes, cookies, and donuts might seem like a bad decision, but if your objective is to indulge on a cheat day from your diet, then it’s a good decision. 

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Check your boobs! Are they lumpy?

My sister recently found lumps in her boobs. This wasn’t the first time she found lumps. She’d been through this once before (a year ago when she first started yelling at me to check my boobs). She had a biopsy (not fun), then surgery to get the lumps removed (super not fun). And now she’s going through it all again, in the middle of COVID. She’s young (in her early 30s), stunningly beautiful, and otherwise in perfect health. She’s just like me. And just like you.

Turns out even young, hot, women can have lumpy boobs.

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Should I (We) Have Kids? A Live Debate

I usually write about relationship challenges my husband (Steve) and I have resolved or figured out. But today, I’ve decided to write about something we’re currently struggling with: should we or shouldn’t we have kids?

While Steve and I haven’t yet made any definitive decisions, I’ll share the honest details of the debate we’re having in the hopes that: (i) it helps others having a similar (private) discussion, and (ii) it encourages couples who’ve been where we are to share their wisdom with us.

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Managing Money as a Couple Part 2: Sharing Expenses, Making Purchase Decisions, Transparency, and More

Welcome to Part 2 of Managing Money as a Couple. 

Most people shy away from talking about money. It’s no wonder that money is one of the things couples fight about most. How are we supposed to learn about money management if no one talks about it? 
Whether you’re just starting to think about merging your finances with your partner, or you’ve been doing it for years, you’ll find some helpful ideas in this post.

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Managing Money as a Couple Part 1: Getting Rid of Credit Card Debt

Let’s talk about money.

Money can be tricky to manage on your own. Add your significant other to the mix and it becomes significantly more complicated (get it? I’m so punny!).

I’m going to share how my husband, Steve, and I manage our finances. I’m going to get into the nitty-gritty details. In this post (Part 1), I’ll share:

– where we learned about money,

– the difference between good debt and bad debt, and

– how we mopped up my credit card debt in the early days of our relationship.

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