How eating a plate full of desserts can be a good decision

What makes a decision good or bad is how it helps us progress towards our goals. If we’re not clear about our goals, it’s easy to make a bunch of bad decisions. Eating a plate full of cakes, cookies, and donuts might seem like a bad decision, but if your objective is to indulge on a cheat day from your diet, then it’s a good decision. 

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Check your boobs! Are they lumpy?

My sister recently found lumps in her boobs. This wasn’t the first time she found lumps. She’d been through this once before (a year ago when she first started yelling at me to check my boobs). She had a biopsy (not fun), then surgery to get the lumps removed (super not fun). And now she’s going through it all again, in the middle of COVID. She’s young (in her early 30s), stunningly beautiful, and otherwise in perfect health. She’s just like me. And just like you.

Turns out even young, hot, women can have lumpy boobs.

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My Husband Never Listens To Me – Is It My Fault?

Short answer: Yup, it’s totally my fault. 

Here’s what I used to do. As soon as a thought occurred to me that I wanted to share with my husband, Steve, whether it was an item that needed to be added to the grocery list, a request for help with a chore, or just a fun story, I’d launch right into it, no matter what he was doing. Steve would inevitably forget to add the item to the grocery list, fail to jump to my aid with the chore, and act like he’d never heard my fun story.

When I complained that he never listened to me, Steve’s response was always “ I don’t remember you asking me to do that” or “I didn’t hear you” or “Are you sure you told me about that?”

It felt like he was ignoring me on purpose. Was I invisible? What was wrong with him?! 

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FIGHTING HACK: Hold Hands During a Fight (Yes, I’m Serious)

Holding your partner’s hand during a fight is the simplest and most powerful fighting hack that I’ve discovered. It might just change the way you and your partner argue, forever. Here’s how it’s done: reach for your partner’s hand when things are getting heated in the middle of an argument. Hold it as the fight continues. Change nothing else. This may sound bizarre, but the impact of this small gesture is nothing short of magical.

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How to Reduce Stress WITHOUT Drinking Less, Eating Better, Sleeping More, or Exercising

‘Tis the season of stress and we’re all feeling it.

We’re often told that in order to reduce stress, we need to consume less alcohol, eat healthier foods, sleep at least 8 hours per night, and exercise regularly. While these are excellent ideas, they’re difficult habits to form in the best of times – attempting them now is almost guaranteed to fail, which will only add guilt and shame to your stress cocktail. 

For this reason, I’m going to share some instant gratification stress reducing techniques you can use to reduce your stress right away (within 24 hours).

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Should I (We) Have Kids? A Live Debate

I usually write about relationship challenges my husband (Steve) and I have resolved or figured out. But today, I’ve decided to write about something we’re currently struggling with: should we or shouldn’t we have kids?

While Steve and I haven’t yet made any definitive decisions, I’ll share the honest details of the debate we’re having in the hopes that: (i) it helps others having a similar (private) discussion, and (ii) it encourages couples who’ve been where we are to share their wisdom with us.

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