Argue With Confidence

When arguing with your significant other, do it with the confidence of knowing you’ll find a resolution.

If you’re working from the same set of facts, then you’ll arrive at the same conclusion.

Arguing is one way couples share facts. 

Arguing is trying to see what your partner sees and helping them to know what you know. It’s getting on the same page, facing the same direction, and looking at the same thing. Once you’re there, the solution will present itself. The hard part is getting there.

If you’re confident that you’ll find a resolution, you’ll invest the effort required to find it. If you lack confidence, you may not bother trying.

If I gave you a Rubik’s Cube and told you it was three moves away from being solved, you’d approach it with the confidence of knowing you could solve the puzzle. If I gave you the same Rubik’s Cube but told you the coloured stickers had been peeled off and moved, your confidence would be dramatically decreased. You may not bother trying to solve the puzzle at all.

Your confidence in your ability to achieve a positive outcome impacts your level of effort.

Arguments with your significant other are the solvable Rubik’s Cube. No one has moved the stickers. Argue with confidence.


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